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The thought of running advertising campaigns stress you out.

You want to get your time back so you can focus on the things you actually enjoy doing, like writing books.

You’re sick of wasting time and budget on ads that just aren’t converting.

You don’t have the time to unravel the complexity of advertising and marketing.

Set it and forget it: Simplify your Amazon ads with Publishing Performance’s AI-driven advertising platform.

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No more complex ad setups

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Automated Optimizations

The Benefits of Using Publishing Performance

Boost your sales, even as a total beginner

After you input initial keywords, our AI optimizes and dynamically updates your campaigns, pinpointing and targeting high-performing keywords for enhanced ad effectiveness.

Advertise like a pro, on autopilot, no previous experience needed

We’ve designed this software for authors that write books not ads. Our advanced AI launches smart campaigns automatically while you can focus on writing your next book.

Save time and focus on writing books

No need to watch countless YouTube videos on advertising, marketing and the latest tricks to get your ads to perform well. We keep track of the latest trends and automatically update your campaigns to maximize your budget and boost sales.

Enjoy software that’s been tailor-designed for you

We know how frustrating and time consuming it can be to do advertising. Our tool simplifies campaign management, keyword tracking, and performance analysis, presenting you with an easy-to-understand summary. Tangible results with minimal input.

Getting started is easy

The only platform you need to effortlessly boost your Amazon book sales.

Publishing Performance is my go-to Amazon PPC ad campaign management tool. It’s really simplified how I manage my client’s ads, I’ve noticed a decent improvement in conversions which has lead to some very happy clients as they see their budgets stretching further! Even if you are a pro at running campaigns, I highly recommend Publishing Performance as it takes your campaign to the next level without any need for manual management.

William Neese

Book Marketer

I was hesitant at first but decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did! It’s been a huge time saver. I used to spend hours every week managing my Amazon ads manually, but now this tool does it all for me. My book sales have increased, and I’ve got my time back.

Tisha Bowen

Self Publisher

I have been using Publishing Performance for a little over a month now and I am very pleased with the results. Prior to using this tool, I was manually managing my Amazon ads and it was taking up a lot of time, and if I’m completely honest I didn’t really know what I was doing. I’ve already started to see an increase in my book sales. I would recommend this tool to anyone looking for a way to improve their Amazon advertising.

Connie Erickson

Self Publisher

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Publishing Performance work?

Publishing Performance leverages advanced AI technology to streamline and enhance your Amazon advertising efforts. By automating the entire process from keyword selection to budget allocation, it simplifies campaign management. The platform continuously analyzes performance data, making real-time adjustments to bids and keywords to ensure your book reaches its target audience effectively, maximizing visibility and sales on Amazon’s competitive marketplace.

Is Publishing Performance suitable for self-publishers?

Absolutely ideal for self-publishers, Publishing Performance provides a user-friendly platform that eliminates the complexities of Amazon advertising. Whether you’re launching your debut novel or promoting a series, it tailors strategies to your book’s genre, ensuring your work stands out in Amazon’s vast marketplace. This tool empowers self-publishers to achieve professional-level advertising results, boosting book visibility and sales without the need for prior marketing expertise.

Can I use Publishing Performance for my existing Amazon campaigns?

You can view the performance and report on your existing campaigns in Publishing Performance, however our AI will not manage your existing campaigns and will only optimize campaigns created within Publishing Performance.

How much does Publishing Performance cost compared to hiring an advertising agency or consultant?

Publishing Performance offers an affordable and transparent pricing structure, making it a cost-effective alternative to expensive advertising agencies or consultants. While agencies may charge thousands of dollars for comprehensive campaign management, Publishing Performance provides a similar level of expertise and effectiveness at a fraction of the cost. This makes it an accessible solution for authors and publishers seeking professional advertising results without the hefty investment.

How long does it take to set up and launch a campaign with Publishing Performance?

Setting up and launching a campaign with Publishing Performance is designed to be swift and straightforward. Most users can get their campaign up and running within just a few minutes. Once you provide the URL of your book and select your preferred keywords (with our AI’s guidance), the platform takes over the heavy lifting. The streamlined process ensures you can start seeing your campaign in action on Amazon almost immediately, making it an efficient tool for busy authors and publishers eager to boost their book’s visibility and sales.

How difficult is it to set up Publishing Performance?

Setting up Publishing Performance is incredibly user-friendly, tailored to ensure authors and publishers of all skill levels can easily navigate the process. In just 3 easy steps, you can have your campaign ready:

  • Step 1: Add your book by simply providing its URL on Amazon. This is how we tailor the campaign specifically to your publication.
  • Step 2: Select your keywords. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about which keywords to choose; our AI will suggest the most effective ones based on your book’s content and genre.
  • Step 3: Set your budget. Once you’ve determined how much you’d like to spend, Publishing Performance handles the rest, from campaign optimization to performance tracking.

This straightforward approach eliminates the complexity typically associated with Amazon advertising, making it accessible and manageable even for those new to the platform.

Will Publishing Performance work for fiction books?

Yes, Publishing Performance is specially crafted to support both fiction and non-fiction authors. It understands the unique marketing needs of fiction books, utilizing genre-specific advertising strategies to captivate and engage potential readers. By targeting the right audience with precision and creativity, it ensures your fiction book gains the spotlight it deserves on Amazon, driving increased visibility and sales.

How quickly can I see results with Publishing Performance?

While the timeframe for seeing results can vary based on several factors, including genre competitiveness and advertising budget, many users begin to notice improvements in their campaign performance within just a few days of using Publishing Performance. The platform’s AI-driven optimizations work continuously to enhance your book’s visibility and engagement on Amazon, leading to increased sales and a stronger presence in the marketplace.

How does Publishing Performance differ from Amazon's Auto Campaigns?

Unlike Amazon’s Auto Campaigns, which offer basic automation capabilities, Publishing Performance delivers a more sophisticated and nuanced approach to campaign management. It goes beyond simple automation by employing advanced AI algorithms to analyze market trends, reader behaviors, and performance data. This enables more precise targeting, smarter keyword selection, and dynamic bid adjustments, all of which contribute to more effective and efficient advertising campaigns on Amazon.

Where do the keywords come from?

The keywords generated by Publishing Performance are derived from a comprehensive analysis that combines AI-driven examination of your book’s content and theme, market trends, and performance data from similar titles. This multifaceted approach ensures that the chosen keywords are not only highly relevant to your book but also have the potential to drive significant traffic and conversions, maximizing your book’s exposure and sales potential on Amazon.

How does using Publishing Performance compare to hiring an agency?

Publishing Performance democratizes access to expert-level Amazon advertising, providing authors and publishers with a powerful tool that rivals the services offered by professional agencies. The platform’s AI-driven optimizations and user-friendly interface make it possible to execute sophisticated advertising strategies without the need for an external agency, offering a more direct and cost-effective way to increase your book’s visibility and sales on Amazon.

Can I track my campaign's performance on Publishing Performance?

Yes, Publishing Performance offers a comprehensive suite of analytics and tracking tools that provide deep insights into your campaign’s performance. These tools allow you to monitor key metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversion rates, and sales, giving you a clear understanding of how your advertising efforts are translating into real-world results. This level of transparency enables you to make data-driven decisions to further optimize your campaigns for maximum impact on Amazon.

How user-friendly is Publishing Performance for beginners?

Publishing Performance is designed with a focus on user-friendliness, ensuring that authors and publishers of all levels of experience can navigate and utilize the platform with ease. Its intuitive interface and step-by-step guidance simplify the process of setting up and managing advertising campaigns, making it accessible for beginners while still offering the depth and customization that experienced marketers seek. This approach ensures that anyone can leverage the power of Amazon advertising to boost their book’s success.

Is there a trial period for Publishing Performance?

Understanding the importance of experiencing the platform’s capabilities firsthand, Publishing Performance offers a trial period that allows you to explore its features and benefits without immediate commitment. This trial provides a risk-free opportunity to see how the platform can enhance your Amazon advertising efforts and contribute to your book’s success, enabling you to make an informed decision about its value for your publishing strategy.

How does Publishing Performance optimize ad spending?

Publishing Performance optimizes your advertising spending by employing AI to analyze real-time performance data and market trends continuously. This analysis enables the platform to make intelligent adjustments to bids, refine keyword strategies, and allocate your budget more effectively. The goal is to ensure that every dollar spent contributes to maximizing your book’s visibility, engagement, and sales on Amazon, providing a strong return on investment for your advertising efforts.

As a new author, how can Publishing Performance help me navigate Amazon advertising?

For new authors venturing into the world of Amazon advertising, Publishing Performance serves as a guiding hand, simplifying what can often feel like a daunting process. The platform’s automation and AI-driven optimizations take the guesswork out of advertising, allowing you to focus more on your writing while it handles the intricacies of campaign management. Its support and educational resources are designed to empower you with knowledge and confidence, making Amazon advertising an accessible and effective tool for your book’s success.

I'm worried about overspending on ads. How does Publishing Performance protect my budget?

Publishing Performance is acutely aware of the budgetary concerns that come with advertising, especially for authors with limited resources. The platform’s intelligent budget management features ensure that your advertising spending is always aligned with your goals and constraints. By continuously monitoring campaign performance and making data-driven adjustments, it maximizes the efficiency of your ad spend, helping you achieve optimal results without the risk of overspending.

I have multiple books. Can Publishing Performance manage campaigns for all of them simultaneously?

Publishing Performance is perfectly equipped to manage advertising campaigns for multiple books simultaneously, making it an ideal solution for prolific authors or publishers with extensive catalogs. Its capacity to handle diverse campaigns allows you to promote your entire body of work effectively, ensuring each book receives the tailored advertising strategy it deserves. This holistic approach amplifies your overall presence on Amazon, driving increased visibility and sales across your entire portfolio.

How can Publishing Performance fit into my busy schedule as a side hustler?

Recognizing the challenges of balancing writing with other commitments, Publishing Performance is designed to seamlessly integrate into the busy lives of side hustlers. Its automated campaign management and optimization features require minimal ongoing input, freeing up your time to focus on writing and other priorities. This efficiency means you can maintain an active and effective advertising presence on Amazon without it consuming your schedule, providing a practical solution for maximizing your publishing success.

Does Publishing Performance support all Amazon marketplaces?

Catering to authors and publishers looking to reach a global audience, Publishing Performance supports multiple Amazon marketplaces. This international capability ensures that your advertising efforts can extend beyond your home market, tapping into the vast potential of Amazon’s worldwide user base. By promoting your books across different regions, you can significantly broaden your readership and capitalize on global sales opportunities.

What makes Publishing Performance unique in the market?

What sets Publishing Performance apart is its specialized focus on the publishing industry, combined with cutting-edge AI technology. Unlike generic advertising tools, it’s tailored to the specific needs and challenges of selling books on Amazon. This focus ensures that the platform’s features, from keyword optimization to budget management, are finely tuned to maximize your book’s potential in the Amazon marketplace. This unique blend of industry-specific insights and technological innovation makes Publishing Performance a standout solution for authors and publishers.

Can Publishing Performance help increase my book reviews on Amazon?

While the primary goal of Publishing Performance is to boost your book’s visibility and sales through effective advertising, increased exposure often leads to a higher volume of reviews. As more readers discover and purchase your book, the likelihood of receiving reviews naturally grows. These reviews can further enhance your book’s credibility and appeal to potential buyers, creating a virtuous cycle of visibility and engagement on Amazon.

How does Publishing Performance stay updated with Amazon's advertising policies?

To ensure that your advertising campaigns remain effective and compliant, Publishing Performance is regularly updated to align with Amazon’s evolving advertising policies and algorithms. The platform’s development team closely monitors changes in the marketplace, incorporating the latest best practices and regulatory requirements. This proactive approach guarantees that your campaigns continue to perform optimally, safeguarding your investment and maintaining your competitive edge on Amazon.

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