Making sure that the marketing for your business, whether it is for a product or your company as a whole, is seen by your potential customer base is paramount. This also means that your advertising needs to be on point as well.

And the internet has come a long way from the simple adverts of yesteryear and the early 2000s, where pretty much any online ad created traffic.

Now, with so many extra things to keep track of, such as keyword research, copywriting and customer reviews, there’s so much to need to keep track of.

In this regard, Pay-Per-Click (also known as PPC) is a major indicator of how successful an ad campaign is, allowing you to see just how many people are clicking through to your webpage through your advertising.

So, if you’re looking for tools to help you in this field, this is the perfect list for you!


We’re starting with one of the big hitters!

SEMRush has been around for a while now and is often sold as the perfect tool to help your small to medium-sized business blossom online with its many marketing tools.

And it just so happens that CCP is one of the metrics they can help you out with!

Of course, an all-in-one kit has plenty to offer any business and its marketing strategies, from keyword research (including local keywords for specific audiences) and even competitor analysis of their keywords and marketing budgets.

Everything that you could need to help boost your PPC performance is right here for you to use!

Google Keyword Planner

Did you know that Google was the first company to release a self-service platform back in the year 2000?

Aside from being a fun piece of trivia, it just goes to show that Google has had its finger on the pulse of cutting-edge advertisement.

And this is true for perhaps their most popular PPC tool, Google Keyword Planner.

This tool allows you to see and gauge keywords that are being searched by your potential audience, which can allow you to better tailor your ads to those people in question.

As you can imagine, that’s a pretty powerful tool to have in your advertisement arsenal, and can help a business stay on top of trends that people are searching for.

The fact that Google’s programs and products are as useful and versatile for ad marketing today as they were 22 years ago is a testament to Google’s skill in online marketing.

And that’s not even discussing how Googe has more than one effective piece of software in its repertoire.

Google Ads

As we’ve already mentioned, Google is by far the biggest company in the world of online advertising.

So if you’re looking to boost your site’s PPC, you should probably be using the same tools that they have for the past 20 years!

Enter Google Ads, a program that is still to this day unchallenged in its ability to get clicks, thanks to both its sheer size, as well as its availability on thousands of websites, from YouTube to Blogger.

How is any other service going to compete with that?

7 Amazing PPC Tools To Increase Your Ad Performance & Presence

PPC Entourage

Now, if we’re discussing tools that can help boost your PPC through different web pages, we can’t pass up a chance to mention PPC Entourage, one of the best tools to use for click-throughs on major online retailers like Amazon.

Once again, the fact that this PPC service is operating on a massive platform like Amazon already gives it points for the size of the network it chooses to operate on.

But with its extra selection of tools for businesses operating on Amazon, from areas that can be improved for SEO, to finding and even creating untapped keywords that you can use for a higher chance of success, that’s a pretty impressive toolkit to use in a pretty big sandbox of PPC opportunities like Amazon.

Just make sure that they operate on your chosen platform before purchasing a subscription!

Google Ads Editor

Google Ads doesn’t come as just its program. With a service as big as this, there are tons of add-ons and extra downloads you can make to better optimize your experience.

Take the add-on Google Ads Editor, for example. This is the perfect extension to get if you want to manage multiple ad campaigns and keyword research points in bulk, perfect for a business that is now getting off of the ground, and is looking to expand its marketing operations!

Plus, it is a simple add-on that doesn’t take much energy to install and get running, nor too much time to get to grips with, perfect for the busy marketing team that needs a new effective tool on their desks ASAP!

Whether it accounts for managing tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands worth of ads, this is the perfect tool to add to an already formidable weapon in your marketing belt.


Optmyzr is another software bundle that gives you plenty of tools to help you perfect your marketing strategy to a razor’s edge.

With everything from enhancing your bidding scripts and visualization of the data you have already collected from your current and previous marketing campaigns and even integration for programs like Slack available through this bundle, you have a software pack that is all about optimizing your marketing team and their strategies.

Plus, with the ability to work over multiple platforms, how could we not pick up what Optmyzr is putting down right in front of us?

Bing/Microsoft Ads Editor

Bing, while not being as popular of a search engine as its big Google counterpart, is still a popular engine that is used by hundreds of millions of people across the world.

The Bing Ads Editor is the perfect extension to an already very competently made app that doesn’t overcomplicate the aspects that advertisers love about it.

Final Thoughts

As we have hopefully shown by this point, finding a good CCP tool for your business’s advertising campaign is certainly not an issue with these high-quality options around.

The real question is how are you going to pick just one of them!

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