Amazon KDP is a popular platform used by many writers. It allows writers to put their work into a large marketplace, meaning that they can make money from their writing.

This platform provides an assortment of different features, including the ability to set up pre-orders. This early-release feature could help readers to increase sales.

What are the many advantages of this feature? Find out below!

What Is Amazon KDP Pre-Order?

KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is a self-publishing platform provided by Amazon. Through Amazon KDP, writers can publish their written materials. As a result, they will make money through the sale of their ebooks. 

This constantly-evolving platform is constantly adding new features. One such feature is pre-orders. KSP has given writers the ability to create pre-orders for books.

As a result, customers can purchase books before they have been released.

This pre-order system allows writers to promote and advertise their books prior to release. 

Amazon KDP Pre-Orders: 5 Reasons You Might Want To Use It

If you are a seller on Amazon KDP and are unsure if you should start using this fantastic feature, here are just some of the reasons that you can benefit from it:

Better Advertising

Self-publishing is not an easy endeavor. Though Amazon KDP helps writers, they will nonetheless have to do most of the work themselves. This will include advertising and promoting their works. 

When you set up a pre-order system, a writer can focus on advertising the book. This allows them to promote the book and generate more excitement for its release. This excitement could translate into more sales.

Sense Of Urgency

A pre-order can create a sense of urgency among readers. They will want to have access to the book as soon as possible.

You can add to this feeling of urgency through the countdown timer, which will tell you how long readers have left until the book is released.

You Can Offer Sales

Many writers will put their books on sale for a discounted price during pre-sale. This is a magnificent marketing technique that can encourage readers to purchase the book as soon as possible.

After all, customers love bargains. 

When you create the pre-order set up, you should highlight that readers will miss out on this offer unless they pre-order the book.

To obtain an unmissable deal, readers will be more likely to purchase it through a pre-order sale. 

Build Reader Excitement

Have you ever been counting down the days until a product is released? Most people will relate to this feeling. Through pre-orders, writers can make their loyal readers feel more excited. 

This will work particularly well if this is the latest installment in a book series.

This is because readers will be keen to find out what happens next in the narrative and will want to catch up with their favorite characters.

Better Rankings

You may have noticed that Amazon has a section called “Hot New Releases” for ebooks. This section is dedicated to the best-selling ebooks over a specific time.

It can be difficult to penetrate this list, especially if you are relatively new to the world of Amazon KDP. However, you can increase your chances of appearing on this coveted list by starting a pre-order through Amazon.

This is because pre-orders will give your ebook an early advantage. 

How Do Amazon KDP Pre-Orders Work?

Now that you know a little more about the benefits of Amazon KDP’s pre-order system, you may be wondering how it works. 

This pre-order feature is available worldwide, meaning that anyone can use it. However, there are certain restrictions surrounding the eligibility of this feature.

For instance, only new books can be sold through pre-orders. Not to mention, physical books are not suitable for this feature.

Pre-orders can be established for up to one year before the release. This means that you can set up the pre-order a few months or weeks before it is set to be released.

Yet, you will not be able to exceed this one-year time frame.

To access this feature, you must first create an ebook through Amazon KDP. You will be given the option to set up a pre-order for the book, which you can do by selecting a release date in the future.

You need to carefully consider the release date for your book. For instance, you should give yourself plenty of time to make changes or edits to the book.

It’s worth noting that you can only create pre-orders for up to 10 books at once. Once a book has been released, you will then have another position to create a pre-order sale for the book.

There will now be a page on Amazon KDP created for the book, even though it has not been released yet. This page will contain all of the information that you have submitted about the text.

Through this page, customers can purchase the ebook for the price point that you established. 

Customers can pre-order the book up until the date of release. A timer will appear, telling customers how long they have left to pre-order the book.

This timer will come to an end once the ebook has been released. 

During this time, the seller can continue to make changes to their ebook. You can upload the manuscript for your ebook at any time until the release date.

You must meet this release date. The pre-order will be canceled if you fail to meet your own deadline. 

You can change the price of the e-book at any point during the pre-order process. However, if you drop the price to a lower figure, all customers who have already purchased the ebook will be given this lower price.

Amazon KDP Pre-Orders: 5 Reasons You Might Want To Use It (1)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Cheaper To Pre-Order Books On Amazon?

Yes, it is often cheaper to pre-order books on Amazon. The majority of the books on this platform are protected by a “pre-order price guarantee”. 

Essentially, this means that customers will pay the lowest price for the ebook that has been purchased before the sale.

This means that customers will pay the cheapest price for the book between the time of purchase and the date of release. This protects customers from price changes. 

How Should You Price A Pre-Order For An EBook?

Finding the right price for your ebook is essential. It is recommended that you select a low price for the book and then raise it upon the release of the book.

An unmissable price will help your book to stand out from the competition. Not to mention, it will make the pre-order scheme seem even more desirable.

Can You Edit The Release Date?

If you want to change the release date on your Amazon KDP, find your Bookshelf and locate the book you want to adjust. Then click “Edit eBook details”.

Final Thoughts

Amazon KDP is perhaps the perfect platform for writers who are interested in self-publishing their wonderful writing. Through this widely-used platform, writers can publish excellent ebooks and reach a large number of readers. 

Amazon KDP offers numerous fantastic features, including pre-orders. These pre-orders can massively benefit writers who are looking to increase sales.

As this guide highlights, there are lots of reasons why you may want to set up a pre-order.

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