One of the best ways you can bring attention to books that you have published through Amazon KDP is by using promotions. The most common type of promotion which you can run is a discount, and these are a great way to entice new customers who would otherwise not consider your book at full price. 

This is an especially effective strategy if you are not that happy with your cover art, since if the cover of your book is not attracting customers, then a lower price can.

One of the most effective ways to gain a loyal reader base is to use a promotion, and maybe even a permanent discount on the first book in a series. 

Once you have got someone reading the first book in a series, they are much more likely to want to invest in the rest of the series, and would be willing to pay to keep reading.

This strategy is so effective that some people will actually make the first book in a series completely free since this is a guaranteed way to bring more attention to the stories, and then boost sales for the rest of the series. 

Of course, if you plan to do this plan, it will not work as well if there are not multiple books in the series, however, if there are, it can be incredibly effective.

We recommend trying to use book promotions strategically on Amazon KDP since this will ensure that you are bringing attention to your stories, while not losing too much money. You could even share with your following when you are planning to discount a book to build hype and gain more traction. 

So, as you can see, using promotions on Amazon KDP is incredibly effective, however, there are plenty of other strategies you can use to gain attention for your books on Amazon KDP. So what other options are there for promotion on this service?

Other Promotion Strategies For Amazon KDP

As mentioned above, there are plenty of other strategies you can use in Amazon KDP aside from discounts and promotions.

In this section we are going to cover some of our favorite strategies you can use which will help your book gain more attention on Amazon KDP. All of these strategies might not apply to you, or be something which you find appealing, however, there should be something here which works for you. 

Amazon Ads

While this is one of the premium strategies, it is also one of the more effective ones as well. So, if you simply want your book to reach more eyes, then this is one of the best strategies to try. 

Of course, you will need to pay an initial fee to use the service, but once you have used it you are guaranteed to make your book more visible. This strategy is more worth it if you are happy with how your book is presented. 

For example, there is no point in paying for Amazon ads for a book which has a cover you do not think is that eye-grabbing. However, if you love the visual theming and the aesthetic of your book, and think it suits advertisement, then using ads is a great strategy.

Leverage Audience

This is one of the more niche methods since it depends on how much of an audience you have managed to garner. However, if you are able to work and promote to your audience for free, this can do a lot of the work for you. 

This will get people talking about your book, and excited about its release. It can be a good idea to share some of the creative journey as well as this can help people get more attached to your book.

This method does require a lot of effort though, and maintaining a connection with your audience, and even getting one in the first place will take a lot of work.

Amazon KDP Promotions: Are They An Effective Sales Strategy?

Use Author Platforms

You do not want to be promoting in just one place. Of course, you want your Amazon KDP book to be easy to access on Amazon, however, you also want your book to have a presence on other websites and platforms as well. 

This is why so many authors will spend a lot of time focusing on their social media presence since this is now a very influential tool in being able to promote your book. However, it is also good to work on a personal website to promote your book and your writing. This is great for fostering a connection with readers.

Book Launch Events

Doing a book launch event sounds like it is a lot harder than it actually is. However, if you are willing to keep the event humble, it will not take too much effort.

However, it is good to have an in person event to show off on social media to represent the launch of the book. You do not have to make it too fancy, and making it match the feel and the aesthetic of your book will help a lot in making the event easier to market. 

You can also invite media to these events to give you press, however, make sure you are looking for sources which will be able to get the audience which you are looking for. 


One of the best ways to improve the visibility of your book on Amazon KDP is to encourage reviews. This is of course best if the reviews will be positive, but when it comes to reviews for books, this will usually be the case.

Having more reviews on your book will boost its visibility on Amazon, but it is also better for potential readers to be able to see that other people have liked the book as well. 

You can also reach out to book critics who have a larger audience as this will put your book out there more, however, this can sometimes come with a cost.


One strategy which is commonly overlooked when it comes to working with Amazon KDP is using SEO and the related skills to make your Amazon KDP book more visible.

SEO can be difficult to learn, especially if you have no experience in the field, however, when you do know what you are doing, it becomes a lot more simple, especially if you get professional help. 

Using something as basic as keyword research can be massively impactful in bringing attention to your book. SEO will not just boost how visible your book is on Amazon, but on other search engines as well!


Hopefully this guide has made you aware of all the strategies available when it comes to promoting your work on Amazon KDP. There are plenty of different routes that you can take which can all be effective, however, using the promotions built into Amazon KDP are a great idea. 

Giving a potential audience the enticement of a limited time discount is a great way to boost sales, and if you are promoting a series, then doing a permanent or limited free giveaway of the first book is a great way to get people started on a series!

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