Read this to find out what you need to know about creating a bundle for your books on Amazon KDP, and what you need to consider. 

By the end of this, you should know exactly what you need to do to get started on your journey today!

How To Create A Bundle For Your Book Series On Amazon KDP

These are the steps you need to take once you have written the book series and want to bundle them (or put them in a box set).

This can be done with physical book copies, or e-books. For the sake of this article, we will be focusing on the process that you need to follow when dealing with e-books. 

1. Set Up A Page For Your Book Series On Amazon

The first thing you’re going to need to do is set up a page for your book series on Amazon. This will help your books show up on more engines, which means they are likely to be more successful. Amazon prefers authors who have several books, as they are likely to have a larger audience. 

These are the benefits of having a series page for all of your publications:

  • Discount book strategy
  • Books in a series can be linked together
  • Higher Converting Traffic Funnel
  • “Click” distractions are reduced
  • Better 1-clock purchase options


There are some requirements that you will need to meet in order for this to get done. These are follows:

  • Minimum of two books ready to buy
  • The books must be a part of the same series
  • Books must be written by the same author
  • Books must be published via KDP
  • Series Name must be correct and in the right field
  • Ordered series must have the same series name and number in these locations: cover, interior, metadata, editorial reviews, official website
  • Must be available for purchase
  • Novellas, prequels, and short stories cannot be added to Series Collections
  • 1-click purchases do not support pre-order titles

2. Design Your Series Book Covers

Now, you’re going to need to design the cook covers for your series. To do this, you should ensure that all of your covers are streamlined so that it’s clear that they are part of the same series. There are lots of great examples of this, such as Hal Elrod’s “The Miracle Morning” series. 

Colors and fonts should be consistent, but this may depend on your type of book series. Some books will go through the colors of the rainbow, but there is typically still a structure and order to them. To help keep it consistent, you can use a template for each book cover. 

3. Create And Format The Box Set For Your Series 

Box sets will typically come in a bundle that is available at a lower cost than they would be separately. This is actually a great way to grow email lists and allow fans to develop a taste for your work without then having to spend too much.

Not to mention, the books will come in a format that is convenient – together!

Overall, a box set will add a lot of value, and open you up to more marketing opportunities. There are two types of box sets:

  • Multi-author box set
  • Single author box set

And this is why you might want to think about creating a box set:

  • Great value for money
  • Allows readers to binge the series
  • They are easier to sell
  • You get a better return on paid advertising
  • Gives you additional income streams
  • You get more money for every transaction

When creating an e-book box set, you will need to combine all the books into one file. This can then be turned into the appropriate number of books and be uploaded to KDP (see also ‘Everything You Need To Know About Amazon KDP Categories‘). 

It’s important for the table of contents to be right at the front of the box set for easy navigation, too. You can easily hire someone to get this part of the process done for you if you aren’t a fan of formatting, or aren’t sure how. is a great option for this.

4. Figure Out The Box Set Cover Design

The box set design is crucial, as you want it to be appealing but also easy to read and understand. You can either use one of the covers from the book series, or come up with something completely original to the box set. 

If you lack the skills to come up with your own professional-looking cover, you can hire a cover designer to help you get the job done, too.

There are lots of incredible sites that offer this service at a very reasonable price. Get both a flat version and a 3D version, though some platforms only accept flat versions. It’s always good to have both nonetheless. 


Here are some tips to help you with cover design:

  • Don’t use the words “box set” – words like anthology, collection, or even omnibus edition are more appealing
  • You will need a wrap around cover (paperback) and a 3D mockup to use for the digital product
  • The name on the cover must match the title page, interior, and all other name places
  • If it’s a multi-author book, all author names must be on the front
  • The cover has to suggest that the series is a collection
  • The cover image shouldn’t be the same as one of the individual book covers
  • Cover must be genre-appropriate and eye catching
  • There are mockup templates in Photoshop, or you can use Canva
  • Ensure the images are in the right places when uploading!

5. Create The eBook Bundle Itself

How To Create A Bundle For Your Book Series On Amazon KDP

Now the time has come to start the publishing process. You will need to first create the box set itself in KDP. This is a similar process to how you would set up a single title for publication in KDP (see also ‘How Often Do You Get Paid With KDP? (The Process And Timeframe)‘). Below are some useful things to bear in mind when doing this:

  • Aim for a minimum of three books for e-book publishing
  • Include an introduction
  • Format the book correctly 
  • Get a professional to help you with the cover art and designs
  • Launch the set using a similar strategy for other books
  • Promote your book (see also ‘Do You Need A Website To Promote Your Book?‘)
  • Set the price! 

6. Set Up Your Kindle Box Set In Amazon KDP

Follow these steps, they are almost the same as the ones you would follow for setting up a single title:

  1. Log into KDP Bookshelf
  2. Enter the title, series title, series number, and subtitle 
  3. Enter the author name
  4. Write the description in the description box
  5. Use the appropriate keywords and enter them into the correct box
  6. Select two categories (you can use Publisher Rocket to help you with this)
  7. For US-based authors, you will need to purchase an ISBN via
  8. Upload the properly formatted manuscript
  9. Upload your complete box set cover (JPG format)
  10. Check over all formatting to ensure it is correct
  11. Set the price of your collection (lowest price can be $0.99 and cap it at $9.99)
  12. Market your book
  13. Set up a launch team to help your book be as successful as possible

7. Develop Your Box Set Funnel

A funnel will simply help more of your titles to be seen by potential buyers. This can be created via a Kindle Series Page

8. Pricing

E-books should be priced at a maximum of $9.99, while paperbacks and hardcovers can be much more expensive. Look at how other authors have priced their works, and simply follow the trend.

It’s important for collections to be better value for money than individual books, as this will ensure that you earn money on them for a much longer time. 

9. Cross Promotion

Finally, you will need to do some cross promotion! When you launch a new book, remind your readers of your other titles that are available to be read.

Books promote books, and while it is hard work, the outcomes are worth it!

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully this has been helpful to you, and you can now get started on your bundle creation. Good luck!

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