For any seller on Amazon, you should be looking for an advantage to stand out. That’s where Jungle Scout Niche Hunter comes in with some really useful data and some handy features.

Making sure that your book finds its niche is important if you want to target an audience and hone your sales strategy.

With one of the largest databases around, the tool can help you find an edge so you can boost your sales.

In this guide, we will ask – Jungle Scout Niche Hunter – does it really help? We will look at what the tool is, how it works, how it can help, and how it is different from other product trackers. 

What Is Jungle Scout Niche Hunter?

The Niche Hunter tool is produced by Jungle Scout which is a leading platform for insightful data on products selling on Amazon.

It does not matter if you are a first-time seller on Amazon, an existing one, or even part of a brand or enterprise. Depending on what type of user you are, you should be able to benefit from the platform.

That may be Inventory Manager and Sales Analytics for existing sellers or Analyzing Your Market Share for brands and enterprises.

The Niche Hunter tool has been developed by Jungle Scout, primarily as a product tracker. This will offer users the details they need about a specific product or niche which is selling on Amazon.

Those details include a real-time tracker that can prove really helpful as well as some other handy features. 

How Jungle Scout Niche Hunter Works 

If you know a specific competing book that is close to your own then input its price level, category, and monthly demand.

With its massive database combined with tracker abilities, Niche Hunter will come back with current, detailed information about that book.

The tool will also provide details about the book’s competitors so you know what you are up against. 

On the left side of the tool are the category listings laid out neatly. On the opposite side are the filters that should enable you to find competing titles.

Once you have selected your category and applied your relevant filters, the tool will provide you with details of the competing titles in your range.

Those details will include an opportunity score, the average sales of that title, and give an indication of the intensity of the competition. 

The tool will also allow you to go a little deeper into your competitor analysis. That can include how the title has been selling recently and back that information up with a range of more specific statistics. 

How Jungle Scout Niche Hunter Can Help

It can take some time to develop the specific niche that your book looks to target. If you want to sell your book on Amazon then Jungle Scout Niche Hunter can help gain you some profit by analyzing your competitors.

The tool can help you discover similar products and then narrow down your search for a niche.

After your niche search, you should be left with a list of books that have similar themes and titles so you can ape their strategy and tailor yours. 

Jungle Scout Niche Hunter- Does It Really Help?

As well as finding those potentially profitable niches, Jungle Scout Niche Hunter can also go even further.

The tool can calculate the average for sales rank in those niches, which can prove helpful specifically with the top-selling items.

By identifying which niches are selling well, you can analyze the data to work out why and then incorporate that into your own strategy.

Historical data on those monthly trends can also give you some indication of when it may be best to sell your book, if there is a seasonal market to target.  

How Jungle Scout Niche Hunter Is Different From Those Other Product Trackers

It is fair to say that Niche Hunter has found its own niche. It has a product tracer known as Opportunity Finder that will offer unique data you will not find on other product trackers.

The tool also has a huge database, one of the largest for Amazon-sold products, which provides more accurate data.

Then there is Keyword Scout which can offer an overview of those top keywords so you can tailor your strategy accordingly based on their volumes. 

Final Thoughts

Jungle Scout Niche Hunter is a worthwhile tool as it makes the product research on Amazon that much easier.

The data is laid out well and you can use filters to sort through the information and have it make sense for you.

Be aware that the data will change yet that’s why the tool has a database that updates in real time.

There are so many opportunities that will make themselves known through using the tool so make sure that you use it properly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Useful Feature Of Jungle Scout Niche Hunter?

If there is one feature that stands out amongst the rest then it is likely to be Opportunity Score.

The tool has developed an algorithm that weighs up the factors that make up a specific product’s ‘opportunity’.

That’s down to the competition, the price, monthly demand, and the quality of the listing for competing titles.

What you are left with is a score out of 100 that can give you a quick idea of the potential of your specific niche and book. 

What Features Does Jungle Scout Niche Hunter Include?

As well as Opportunity Finder, the tool includes other features that prove really useful.

This includes Listing Builder to help you describe your product, Rank Tracker to help your keyword performance, and Supplier Database so you can see the number of suppliers who would be available for your book.

The Product Database is detailed and substantial while Keyword Scout will help you to optimize your keywords. There is also Sales Analytics to give you a clear picture of your financials. 

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