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Campaign Types

Sponsored Product Campaigns #

Publishing Performance focuses on Sponsored Products as these are the most effective ad types for books and result in a higher ROI. Sponsored products are your bread and butter. When creating a sponsored product campaign, there are two types of ads we focus on.

Auto Ads #

Essentially, Amazon does the work for you and matches your ads to shopping queries and products. However, auto ads lack optimization and can result in a higher ad spend with lower conversions. When using quick campaigns, we attribute a small portion of your daily budget to auto ads, they play an essential role in our AI being able to analyze your data and continuously optimize your manual campaigns.

Manual Ads – Advanced #

Manual targeting is recommended for advertisers with more targeting experience as it gives you greater control over when and where your ads will appear. Using results from your auto campaigns, our AI harvests high-performing keywords and products and adjusts bids accordingly. Once we know what keywords are working, your bids will continuously be reviewed and adjusted to provide the highest conversion and ROI possible.