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Mapping is a core component in keyword and ASIN harvesting.

In conjunction with rules, mapping is used to take high-performing keywords and ASINs and move them to other campaigns/ad groups. More specifically from broad/auto campaigns to manual/exact ad groups. This optimizes your ads and improves ROI.

Our AI automatically creates the required mappings for keyword movements (move good-performing search terms and ASINS into desired Ad Groups), and is continuously looking for good search terms and ASINs to feed into your manual campaigns.

You can also add your own mapping rules or edit the existing ones as required, however, this is only recommended for advanced users.

How To Create a Mapping #

1. Head to the Rules tab and select Mappings

2. Select Create Mappings and select either For Automatic Campaigns or For Manual Campaigns as your source campaign type

3. Add Mapping Name, we recommend using naming conventions as follows: {ASIN} | Mapping {Source Campaign Type} to {Destination Campaign / Ad Groups Type} – example: {ASIN} | Mapping AUTO to Manual Broad & PAT Ad Groups

4. Select the source ad group, we recommend keeping Move to Negative Exact in Source Ad Group selected.

5. Select your destination product and keyword ad groups.

6. Enter your target bid (max amount to spend per click) or use the default bid for the ad group and select Save.

7. Attach mappings to a keyword rule group. Learn more here.