Rules Overview #

Rules are required for movements with in mappings to happen.

A rule is divided into 3 main parts: condition, threshold, and action.

Example of rule item:

Condition = if ACoS is less than 10%

then Threshold = After 100 clicks

then Action = update bid value

A rule group contains multiple rule items.

Our AI automatcialy creates best practice rule groups and rule items to continuously optimize your ads and increase ROI. You can edit or add your own rules at any time however we only reccomend this be done by users with an advanced understanding of ads.

Example of rule items with in a rule group

Bid Rules #

Allow you to adjust bids based on set condition and thresholds. e.g. lower bid above target ACoS OR increase bid if below target ACoS. Ad Groups are attached to bid rules at a group level.

Keyword Rules #

Used in conjunction with mappings to move keywords or asins to campaigns based on condition and thresholds. e.g. promote well performing search terms to exact match keywords OR move search terms to negative if clicks but no sales.

Create a New Rule Group #

1. To create your rule group, head to the Rules tab and select either Bid Rule or Keyword Rule and the campaign type you are making the rule for.

2. When naming your rule group, ensure you include the ASIN and the type of rule along with another identifying feature such as your goal.

3. Select your sales attribution

4. Enter rule name, reccomend something based on the rules logic, examples: increase bid if below target ACoS, promote well performing search terms to exact match keywords etc.

5. Enter condition, threshold, and action.

6. Add ad groups / mappings your want the rules to apply to and hit save. Note all rule items in the rule group will apply to the selected ad groups / mappings.

You can view and edit rule items at anytime by selected the Actions drop down.

Note: For bid automation to work in case of ad groups and when rule items contain Target ACoS clauses then each ad group must have a Target ACoS attached to it, otherwise bid rule automation, rule items with Target ACoS wont work. You can upload Target ACoS from the Ad Group screen.

It will approximately take 3 weeks for rules to learn and adapt to make campaign work properly

When do Rules Trigger? #

30 days historical data since the last bid change.

The threshold count for each keyword by default includes 30-days historical data before the activation date of the rule. If the keyword bid was changed within Publishing Performance during the last 30 days, the threshold count will start on the day of the last bid change.

The time period that a rule will take into account is limited to a moving window of the last 90 days. For example, if you create a rule today, it already includes up to 30 days of historical data. If no action is triggered during the next 61 days, the last 90 days of history will be included.

When do Rules Check the Conditions? #

Conditions are checked at midnight each day, based on the time zone fo the respected marketplace you are advertising.

For example, if you have set a rule to increase the bid if the ACOS of the keyword is below your target ACoS. Our AI will check if the rule met the condition at midnight. If it did, the rule will trigger and the timer will be reset. If not, the rule will be checked the next day at midnight repeatedly.

When and How is a Rule Triggered? #

The rule will wait for the threshold to be passed for each keyword (for example number of clicks or days) until it checks the condition.

If the threshold was crossed, but the condition is not yet met, the rule will continue to collect data each day (growing threshold count) until the condition is met or until the keyword bid is changed by another rule. If you are doing any manual changes to your bids the rule will reset.

Once the threshold has been crossed and the condition is met, the rule will trigger the action.

What Happens After a Rule is Triggered? #

If the rule triggers an action for a keyword, the threshold count will restart for an entire rule set and wait for the condition to match again.

If the keyword bid is changed, all rules attached to the keyword in the respective ad group are going to reset their threshold count.

What Happens if The Condition of Multiple Rules are Met for One Keyword? #

If a keyword reaches the threshold of multiple rules, it will trigger each rule where the condition is true. This means there can be multiple actions per keyword on a given day.

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