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Sales Attribution

How Sales Attribution Works #

At a rule group level we define the sale attribution window, this window defines the number of days our AI will ignore whilst checking conditions and thresholds of rules. This is useful because PPC data keeps on updating for the past 60 days, and data for the past 3 to 7 days data changes very frequently. Therefore you can choose to ignore recent data to ensure the accuracy of the data before rules are triggered.

For the timeframe the sales attribution is set, Publishing Profits AI will ignore data from the days that are still within the attribution window. This means that the rules will only consider sales that have occurred after the buffer time has passed. This helps to ensure that the data used for sales attribution is accurate and reflects the actual impact of the marketing efforts. Essentially, our AI will ignore data during the attribution period as it needs to wait for that period to complete before confirming if any sales are to be attributed from the attached ad group.

For example, if the buffer time is set to 7 days, and today is Day 0, the Publishing Performance AI will only consider sales that have occurred on or after Day 7. Sales that occur on Days 1-6 will not be included in the data used by the rules, as they are still within the attribution window.

This approach helps to avoid counting sales that may have been influenced by other factors besides the marketing efforts being analyzed. By excluding these sales, the data used by the Publishing Performance Automation rules is more accurate and provides a clearer picture of the impact of the marketing efforts.

Example Scenario #

If a rule group is created with rule items on 30th June and if the sale attribution window is 3 days and we consider the past 30 days’ historical data for any new rule group then based on the sale attribution historical data window will become:

Past 30 days (1 June to 30 June)

Sale Attribution: 3 days

Final Historical Window will be: 1 June to 27 days (remove most recent last 3 days)

So we will use 1 June to 27 June days data to calculate condition and threshold values.

Editing Sales Attribution Buffer #

You can edit the sales attribution buffer in the rules settings. Choose from either 3, 5, 7, 14, or 30 days when creating or editing rules.

Note: Amazon attributes sales to clicks up to one week after the click took place, however, the grad part of sales should be attributed after 3 days. Therefore, deciding on a buffer time (sale attribution) depends on how much ad spend you are willing to accept, as well as how eager you are not to exclude any keywords prematurely.